Nobody “belongs” at Camp Kickitoo but the biggest fish-out-of-water is Alvin, a well-healed Ivy Leaguer tossed in with street-wise rapper Wanda and an assortment of displaced urban dwellers. Fireworks, romance and hip-hop ensue.

The film won “Best Comedy” at the 2012 San Diego Black Film Festival. It also won a “Golden Ace” award at the 2012 Las Vegas Film Festival and was an Official Selection in the 2012 Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival and in the 2012 Green Bay Film Festival.

It is currently in distribution on African Pay TV throughout the continent of Africa and adjacent islands, and is available for theatrical screenings through Tugg at

The package includes HD downloads of the feature - a 93 minute screwball romantic comedy with a hip-hop beat - plus extra shorts including "The Making of Camp Kickitoo," "Camp Kickitoo Outtakes" and more.

Download it now and keep it forever. Camp Kickitoo is definitely not your daddy's summer camp.